Ilaria Ruggiero

Ilaria Ruggiero Ilaria was born in Genoa in 1981, where she grew up, and she studied in Milan; she has worked in Venice, Turin, Milan and New York. After completing her undergraduate degree in theoretical philosophy and her master’s degree in Art Administration, she went on to receive a professional certificate in Fundraising at New York University.

Ilaria’s passion for contemporary art and aesthetics, and her belief that artistic production and enjoyment have intrinsic social and ethical values, have led her to embark on this international journey filled with interesting encounters, projects and ideas.

She has collaborated with La Biennale di Venezia, Artissima Contemporary Art Fair and The Solomon Guggenheim of New York.

Ilaria is a Founding Member of the association.

Why Trend and Tradition?

“I am committed to the development and innovation of financial resources for artistic and cultural non-profit organisations. Trend and Tradition is the realization of an ambitious project that tackles complex and up-to-date issues, thanks to the fusion of high-quality artworks and professional artists.

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