Eva Filoramo

Eva Filoramo, born in Turin in 1978, spent her teenage years studying Latin, Ancient Greek, Philosophy and History. As you might expect, after a few years she decided to pursue something different and chose to study Theoretical Physics, with a Master Degree thesis on quantum cryptography. During her college years, Eva studied a lot of maths but also took the time to travel and to read plenty of books about a wide range of weird topics. She also learnt English, French, Spanish and some German.

After graduating, she wrote an “Introduction to Quantum Cryptography” aimed at the general public, and the more time she spent in the company of words – and the less with mathematical formulae – the more she realized she would never be a good PhD candidate: science was definitely something she preferred to talk and write about. That’s why she started translating science books, while beginning a career planning and developing science events and science festivals, curating for 8 years the lectures programme of the Festival della Scienza di Genova. She is currently a science writer and translator and is interested in the relationships between art and science from a curatorial point of view.

Eva is a Founding Member of the association.

Why Trend and Tradition?

“Because applied arts are extremely interesting from a technical and scientific viewpoint, and also because I hope that my out-of-context background can be useful and enriching for the team.”

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